Carey Moots Testimonials

See what clients have to say about working with Carey:

John Francis (Detective & PIO of the Rio Rancho, NM Police Department)

“Carey, I only wish that all the media folks I have to deal with were as polite and professional as you.”

Randy Travis (County Western Artist and Song Writer)

“Carey, did you just pull the door shut? You did! Well, you locked me out of my house. It’s a good thing you’re such a good photographer and work so hard to make me look good. I guess I’ll have to forgive you for your indiscretion!”

Brad Remington (News Director KTVI St. Louis, MO)

“Moots! I don’t know how you do it? I’ve never met anyone in this business who has such an intuitive sense about spot news and is also one of the most creative photographers I’ve ever met. The two just don’t usually go together. It’s like being good at art and math!”

Jane Fonda (Movie Actress and Workout Guru)

“The horses on the ranch don’t typically see outsiders, especially with large film cameras. My horse doesn’t seem to be spooked in the least. You must have a calming spirit about you. I also really like your shirt!”

Mike Kosner (NBC “Dateline” Producer)

“Oh My God Moots, we won a national Emmy and Peabody Award with that killer video you shot on that Dateline Hip Replacement Special. I love you man!”

Shirley MacLaine (Movie Actress & Multiple Life Being)

“Okay, explain to me why my dog can’t be in the shot? I don’t care if you already have a ton of video of him. I want him in the shot! Alright, if that’s the way it’s going to be, get out of my house and take your camera with you! Your soundman can stay, I think he’s cute.”

Karen Sanchez-Greigo (ENLACE New Mexico Statewide Director)

“I’m going to cry. I can’t believe it, the legislature just approved 1.5 million dollars for our Latino education program. There is no way we would have received a cent if you hadn’t done that wonderful one-hour ENLACE Town Hall Special. Please thank Sumiko Corley, Tom Joles and Carla Aragon. Without you guys we’d never have gotten funded!”

George H. W. Bush (41st President of the United States)

“You handled these pool interviews like a pro. Did we give you a pen with the Presidential Seal on it? We’re out? Here, take mine, and here’s my tie clip for good measure.”

Pete Williams (NBC correspondent Washington, DC)

“Carey, You sure do great work. This material is splendid – first rate. It is such a pleasure to work with what you shoot. My very best to you.”