Moots Productions Rates & Equipment

Standard Equipment & Staffing:

  • Includes equipment below, Carey Moots and an accompanying soundtech:  $2,000 per 10 hour day.
Sony Full Broadcast HD / SD-XDCAM / PAL / NTSCPDW-F800
Sony Full Broadcast HD / SD-XDCAM / PAL / NTSCPMW-F55
Fujinon HD LensesHA-22X7.3 & HA-14X4.5 Berm
Panasonic 17" Field MonitorBT-LH1700
Sony HD 7" Field MonitorDVF-L700
Sony V-Mount Camera Batteries (4)BP-L90A
IDXCamera Batteries (2)NP-1L
Full Production Light KitLTM / Lowell / Chimera
Miller Head with Gitzo TripodMiller30 / Carbon Fiber
Sony Lavalieres (2)ECM77B
Shure Stick MicRM-50
Boom & Sennheiser MicME-80
Sound Devices Field Mixer (4-channel)442
Lectrosonics Wireless Systems (2)SR5a / SMQV
Trim Lavaliere Mics (2)TR-50
Camera Power SupplyACDN-2
4x4 VehicleChevrolet Suburban

Additional Equipment:

ItemPer Day
Full Frame HD & 4K Production Camera$750
Full Broadcast HD Camera$500
Hmi Lighting: 800 watt$200
Hmi Lighting: 575 watt$150
Hmi Lighting: 200 watt$100
Lighting (Screens, Silks, Backgrounds, Green Screens, etc.)$200
PSC M4A Field Mixer (4-channel)$200
Field Edit Package (Sony PDW-U1 & Macbook Pro with Final Cut)$200
Lectrosonincs Wireless Systems (SR5a / SMQV)$50
Lavalier Mics$25
Location Studio (Sound Booth, Edit Bay & Set for Live Shots)$500
Honda Quite Run Generator (5K)$250
DJI Drone / GoPro for Aerials (includes operator)$750
Tent for Field Live Shots$150
Full Production Dolly plus Track (20")$150
Full Broadcast Camera Jib (10")$250
Two-Way Radios (5 mile range)$50
GoPro Camera plus Mounts$50
  • Does not include operator (except as noted), expenses, travel costs, expendables and media stock.
  • Other production equipment available by quote.